The Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) is a contingent of the Military Police focused on one or more communities located in an urban area where territories are recognized by law.

Each UPP has its own headquarter, constituted of one or more bases. It also has a commander-in-chief and a force integrated by officials, sargeants, corporals and soldiers, as well as its own operation equipment such as patrol cars and motorcycles. 

In order to coordinate their operations all UPPs are under the command of the Pacifying Police Coordination (PPC), a coordinating body currently headed by Colonel Frederico Caldas. Each UPP is administratively bounded to a Military Police Battalion.

The UPPs are managed under the principles of Police of Proximity. This is a concept that goes beyond the community police approach and has its strategy based on the partnership between local residents and law enforcement institutions. The pacifying police approach, which is guided by  dialogue and respect to the culture and uniqueness of each community, eases conversations and stimulates the growth of local leaders.

The UPP program is based on partnerships among the three levels of government – City, State and Federal – and various players of the civil society. Educational, cultural, sporting, social and professional inclusion projects, in addition to others focused on infrastructure improvement, are also being held inside the local communities via joint programs and partnerships signed among different areas of government, private companies and the voluntary sector.