The UPP program by the State of Rio de Janeiro administration was inspired by the successful experience in public security adopted in Medelin, Colombia. In Rio, the project started in December 19th 2008 with the launching of the first Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) in Santa Marta, Botafogo neighborhood, located in the southern part of the city. Since then, 38 UPPs have been installed and have a total of 9,543 police officers. 

UPPs in operation in Rio:

Southern communities:

Santa Marta: since December 19th 2008.

Chapéu Mangueira: since June 10th 2009.

Babilônia: since June 10th 2009.

Pavão, Pavãozinho and Cantagalo: since December 23rd 2009.

Tabajaras and Cabritos: since January 14th 2010.

Escondidinho and Prazeres: since February 25th 2011.

Rocinha: since September 20th 2012.

Vidigal: since January 18th 2012.

Cerro-Corá: since June 3td 2013.

Northern communities:

Borel: since June 7th 2010.

Formiga: since June 1st 2010.

Andaraí: since July 28th 2010.

Salgueiro: since September 17th 2010.

Turano: since October 30th 2010.

São João, Matriz and Quieto: since January 31st 2011.

Macacos: since November 30th 2011.

Coroa, Fallet and Fogueteiro: since February 25th 2011.

Mangueira: since November 3rd 2011.

Nova Brasília: since April 18th 2012.

Adeus and Baiana: since May 11th 2012.

Alemão and Pedra do Sapo: since May 30th 2012.

Chatuba: since June 27th 2012.

Fé and Sereno: since June 27th 2012.

Fazendinha: since July 9th 2012.

Parque Proletário: since August 28th 2012.

Vila Cruzeiro: since August 28th 2012.

Jacarezinho: since January 16th 2013.

Manguinhos: since January 16th 2013.

Barreira and Tuiuti: since April 12th 2013.

Caju: since April 12th 2013.

Arará and Mandela: since September 6th 2013.

Lins: since December 2nd 2013.

Camarista Méier: since December 2nd 2013.

Western communities:

Cidade de Deus: since February 16th 2009.

Batan: since February 18th 2009.

Vila Kennedy: since May 23rd 2014.

Downtown communities:

Providência: since April 26th 2010.

Coroa, Fallet and Fogueteiro: since February 25th 2011. 

São Carlos: since May 17th 2011.

Communities outside the capital:

Mangueirinha Complex: since February 7th 2014.