The Pacifier Police Unit (UPP) is a new model of Public Security and policing that intends to bring police and population closer together, as well as to strengthen social policies inside communities. By reestablishing control over areas that for decades were occupied by traffic and, recently, also by militias, the UPPs bring peace to communities like Morro Santa Marta (Botafogo – South zone); Cidade de Deus (Jacarepaguá – West zone); Jardim Batam (Realengo – West zone); Morro da Babilônia e Chapéu Mangueira (Leme – South zone); Tabajaras and Cabritos (Copacabana – South zone) and Pavão-Pavãozinho/Cantagalo (Ipanema/Copacabana – South zone).

Today, the Government and the Security Department (SESG/RJ) can rely on the UPPs as an important “weapon” to help them regain control over territories long lost to traffic, and also to reintegrate these economically challenged communities into society.

Created by the current administration of Rio’s Security Department, the UPPs work with the principle of the Communitarian Police. Communitarian Police is a concept and a strategy based on the partnership between the population and public security institutions. Rio’s government is investing R$ 15 million (US$ 8 million) in the qualification of the Police Academy, so that by 2016 the contingent will have been enlarged by 60 thousand officers. Until 2010, 3.5 thousand new officers will be sent to the Pacifier Divisions.