More pacified communities in the north zone

Tuesday, May 17, 2021

by Priscila Piffer


The 17th Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) was inaugurated today (17/05) in Rio. Commanded by Captain Luiz Piedade, the unit – UPP São Carlos – counts on 252 police officers, amongst them two officials, ten superior officers and 49 women. The unit is responsible for the security of the communities of Zinco, Querosene, Mineira nd São Carlos, situated in the districts of Estácio e Rio Comprido, in Rio1s north zone.

At the age of 36, Captain Luiz has been through a lot in his military career. He has worked as a member of GTAM (special unit of tactics and monitored actions) and of BPCHOQUE (special battalion for conflict situations), commanded ROTAM (ostensive patrolling unit) and different BPMs (Military Police Battalions), where he spent the last two years. According to the Captain, working in the countryside was an apprenticeship for the type of work he does at the UPP. “At Três Retiros, where I come from, I knew everyone in the community. Many complaints were solved just by talking to the residents, so we worked as mediators,” he explains.

Even though he is responsible for the security of the communities under his command, for organizing his troops and for running the unit, Captain Luiz finds time in his busy schedule to play indoor soccer and to practice boxing. A martial arts lover, Luiz boxes once a week and is also a professional judoka. He also likes jogging and has only just started practicing yoga.

Although he is officially taking his post today, the captain and the second commandant, Lieutenant Jairo Dantas, have already walked around the community and talked to the residents, searching for spaces where they can develop sports activities. During this first expedition, the commandants reported finding two inactive sports courts (one at Mineira and another at São Carlos), as well as a swimming pool near Querosene’s peak.

The commanding duo has been visiting the communities for a month. They’ve already met the presidents of the residents association and are trying to figure out the needs of the people who live there. “When I first joined the police, I worked at the 1o BPM. Sometimes our job required that we went inside these communities to solve a problem, and we always knew it would be like war, because they welcomed us with shots. I’ve seen friends of mine get shot here, and now the residents receive me as a friend. It’s even difficult to describe this feeling; it’s a change of mentality that works both ways – from us in relation to the people and from them in relation to us,” says the captain.

The communities of Zinco, Querosene, Mineira ans São Carlos together have around 17,500 residents. Considering the residents in a radius of 2km, this number rises to 200,000. The headquarters of the UPP were built in Ademar Marcelos Street, 32 – Estácio. The inauguration ceremony was held today, at 10 am, and counted on the presence of Rio’s Governor, Mr. Sérgio Cabral, the Security Secretary, Mr. José Mariano Beltrame, and the Military Police commandant, Col. Mário Sérgio Duarte.