A wall no longer necessary

Monday, May 16, 2021


With the arrival of the UPP, the wall was no longer necessary.

The initiative came from the officers of UPP Fogueteiro, Fallet and Coroa, as well as from members of the Pereira Passos Municipal Institute of Urbanism (IPP). The wall, which had been built to avoid innocents getting shot during opposite gangs’ battles, started to be brought down on May 4th. The construction, built three years before on street 15, stopped people from moving between the communities of Fogueteiro and Querosene when shots were being fired.

“Bringing down the wall represents the end of segregation, because the rival gangs don’t exist anymore. Today we don’t have to worry about being caught off guard by shootings in the middle of the street,” explained the commander of UPP Fogueteiro, Captain Elton Costa. The pacification of the community called Fogueteiro, enabled by the future implementation of UPP São Carlos, which is a neighbor community, also contributed to the peaceful atmosphere that now surrounds the communities. The area is currently being patrolled by the special operations battalion – Bope – and will its UPP inaugurated soon.

The commander states that he will get in touch with the Municipal Secretariat of Education and intercede in the name of the community for the reopening of a Day Care Center that was opened in 2004 but never functioned. Some of its windows were bulletproofed because of the eminent risk of shootings that used to plague the area. There was also an abandoned car in the area that couldn’t be removed because of the wall.

UPP Fallet/Fogueteiro/Coroa was inaugurated in February and is functioning temporarily on a house at Fallet. The definitive headquarters will be built beside the above mentioned Day Care Center. It took one week to bring the wall down. The work was carried out by the Municipal Secretariat of Conservation and Public Development, with help from the Municipal Guard, the Special Secretariat of Public Order, Comlurb and Rioluz.