German entourage visits UPP Borel

Tuesday, May 10, 2021


The German deputy interior minister, Klaus Dieter Fritsche, together with six representatives from the German government, visited the Pacifying Police Unit located at Borel, district of Tijuca, on April 4th. During the visit to the unit, which was responsible for pacifying seven communities in Tijuca, including Borel, Casa Branca and Chacara do Céu, the German entourage was able to see the positive results of the police work in the surrounding areas, such as the increase of the HDI, real state valuation and a lowering violence rates.

The visit began in the morning, when the entourage watched a presentation lead by the department’s sub-Secretary of Planning and Operational Integration, Dr. Roberto Sá, during which he introduced the security projects that are being developed, such as the System of goals and results (SIM), the Pacifying Police Units (UPP) and the Integrated areas of public security (RISP). This triad is responsible for orienting the plans and actions of public security, as well as for the numbers that prove that Rio de Janeiro is undergoing a positive change when it comes to violence.