New UPPs at Rio’s city center

Tuesday, March 1, 2021

text and picture by Priscila Piffer

Captains Elton and Odilon are the commanders of the 15th and the 16th Pacifying Police Units (UPPs), which were inaugurated last Friday at the communities of Coroa, Fallet-Fogueteira, Escondidinho and Prazeres, all located in Rio’s city center. Both Captains have been working for the police for almost nine years now, and are considered to be quite the pair. Their football team is two-time champion of the National police officers and firefighters cup, and they are now reunited, facing a new challenge and promising to bring sports to the communities.

“I’ll work with a smile on my face every day. To be chosen as an UPP commander is incredibly gratifying,” said Captain Odilon, who will command 180 police officers at Escondinho and Prazeres UPP.  At the age of 29, Jeferson Silva Odilon has also worked at the Battalions of Méier (3o BPM) and Leblon (23o BPM)

Captain Elton, who worked at the special group of mobile tactics (Getam) for three years, is thrilled to be the man in charge of UPP Coroa and Fallet-Fogueteiro. “Four years ago I lost a dear friend during an operation at Coroa. So for me to be here, witnessing the transformation of this community and seeing it come to life again is very moving.” Elton Costa Gomes is 28 years old and will have 200 men at his disposal on this new UPP. Besides working at Getam, he has also worked at another special division, the BPChoque.

The number of people assisted directly by the two new UPPs is 20 thousand. The pacification of the entire São Carlos complex, which is going to receive yet another UPP – at Morro da Mineira – will assist 520 thousand people, if one considers the population in the surroundings. With the new UPPs, the project has now reached 55 communities, and employs a total of 2900 police officers.