Police hunts down dangerous suspect at Tabajaras

Wednesday, February 3, 2022

by Marcos Benjamin

Launched last November, the campaign, which is now in its second edition, has come for the first time to an area pacified by the UPP. The numbers of the initiative are impressive. After the first edition, between 2008 and 2009, therew as a 96% drop in rate that measures the incidence of the dengue fever in the city. Captain Rosana Alves, commandant of the Tabajaras/Cabritos UPP, celebrated the partnership with Sesdec.

“This is an extremely important visit. We’ve been orienting the population since the opening of the unit here in the community, but there is nothing better than the technical support from the Health Department and the Civil Defense, the real experts in the matter,” commented the officer.

The teams gathered up at the court of Villa Rica Samba School. Under a blazing heat, at 1pm sharp, the firefighters, standing in perfectly even lines, listened carefully to the instructions before initiating the long walk to the 1.300 houses located at Tabajaras. Between 1 and 8pm, a multidisciplinary team constituted of technicians from Sesdec and UPP officers carried out educational actions in order to raise awareness and show the importance of developing a partnership with society when it comes to fighting the dengue fever. Simultaneously, teenagers from 12 years old and adults were being instructed on how to adjust lyrics and music in order to enter the contest “Funk Against the Dengue Fever”. Rappers Marcio G and Leandro, from the group “Leandro e as Abusadas”, divided the 30 children who were at the court into two groups so they could start working on the songs.

Armed with educational pamphlets, disposable gloves and test tubes, second Sergeant Claudio Freitas, age 42, who has been serving the Fire Brigade for 19 years, did not weaken under the heat, and, together with the recently graduated UPP soldier Asminston Lopes, age 30, visited the house of Aline Santos, a 31-year-old housekeeper who has been living in the community for six years.

“Clap clap clap” the health agent claps his hand to call the resident’s attention.

“Hi, I’m here!” she waved from the roof, where she was hanging some clothes to dry.

“Everything alright? My name is Cláudio and I’m here in the name of the Fire Brigade to give you some advice on how to prevent the dengue fever.”

“Oh, that’s great! We get to be safe and healthy!” Aline exclaimed.

“That’s right, we guarantee your safety and they guarantee you know how to prevent the dengue fever,” commented soldier Arminston.

“Can I check if there are any proliferation spots at your place?” asked the agent.

“Sure thing!”

After inspecting the entire house, the agent collected a sample of the water in her water tank and congratulated the resident for her efficiency in preventing the dengue fever. The numbers after the action were the following: the Fire Brigade found 8 water tanks without lids, all of which were properly covered, and 34 proliferation spots were found and treated.

“I’ve always been very careful; I have an eight-year-old son and I can’t risk his life because of a mosquito. Thanks to the presence of the police here in the community, today I received a visit from a professional, who gave tips not only to me, but to all my neighbors,” stated Aline.


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